Veranstaltung: Physiotherapie bei Juveniler Idiopathischer Arthritis / Chronische Schmerzerkrankungen - Aufbaukurs

17. APRIL 2020

SAVE THE DATE: Kongress "Patient Education"

Interprofessioneller Kongress von 17.4. bis 18.4.2020 im Hauptgebäude der Uni Wien!

Das Physiozentrum für Weiterbildung veranstaltet mit einer Vielzahl internationaler ReferentInnen von 17.4. bis 18.4.2020 im Hauptgebäude der Uni Wien (Wiener Ringstraße) den ersten interprofessionellen Kongress für Gesundheitsberufe zum Thema:


"PATIENT EDUCATION - Wege zur Gesundheitskompetenz"














Infos zur Anmeldung (Early Bird Tickets ab Ende Mai 2019) und zum Kongress-Programm gibt es in Kürze auf



Studien zum Thema u/o der Kongress-Speaker: 


1. Illusory resizing of the painful knee is analgesic in symptomatic knee osteoarthritis:

Experimental and clinical evidence support a link between body representations and pain. This proof-of-concept study in people with painful knee osteoarthritis (OA) aimed to determine if: (i) visuotactile illusions that manipulate perceived knee size are analgesic; (ii) cumulative analgesic effects occur with sustained or repeated illusions.


2. The physiotherapy experience in private practice: The patients' perspective:


The aim of this study was to identify the qualities of a ‘good’ physiotherapist and to ascertain the characteristics of good and bad experiences in private practice physiotherapy from the patients' perspective. The nominal group technique was implemented with separate groups of patients (n = 26) and revealed that communication ability, professional behaviour and organisational ability, and characteristics of the service provided were the main qualities of a ‘good’ physiotherapist. In particular, communication ability of the physiotherapist was ranked first or second in importance by all groups of patients

UPDATE: I've done this several more times since then, we're now at over 400 texts describing qualities of a good physio.  The image below is the most up to date


ad. 2. Diagramm: What makes a good Physio, einzusehen auf


3. Health Care Practitioners’ Perceptions of Motivational Interviewing Training for Facilitating Behaviour Change among Patients:


To investigate, qualitatively, practitioners’ perceptions of a 1-day interactive and applied workshop in motivational interviewing (MI). Specifically, participants explored the training’s usefulness in supporting perceptions of competence, confidence, and attitudes towards facilitating behaviour change among patients.


4. EULAR recommendations for patient education for people with inflammatory arthritis:


The task force aimed to: (1) develop evidence-based recommendations for patient education (PE) for people with inflammatory arthritis, (2) identify the need for further research on PE and (3) determine health professionals’ educational needs in order to provide evidence-based PE. 


5. Grafik zur Gesundheitskompetenz: Parker, R. (2009): Measures of Health Literacy. Workshop Summary: What? So What? Now What?, The National Academies Press, Washington. Grafik


6. Definition  Gesundheitskompetenz - Österreichische Plattform für Gesundheitskompetenz, einzusehen auf: